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So, i am in mid twenties, well not exactly mid, but somewhat near to the lower end of ‘mid’, bah or OK you can say i am of marriageable age.

I am the only one left of my parent’s children who is unmarried, well actually as a sibling, i just have an elder sister, who as they say, is happily married (though my brother-in-law always drag me to any outings or trips they take TOGETHER because he kinda feels that, that way in front of me, my sister don’t fight with him, which he says happens at the telling frequency of a child being born in Uttar Pradesh) 

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A Guy’s Life

So I finished my lunch and felt a sudden urge to pee, which i have been holding up since i was playing this video-game earlier.

While at it, I looked at my teeth in washroom mirror, and reminded myself that i havent brushed today. 

So I took the toothpaste out and washed my toothbrush.

But then suddenly i realized that i have a cigarette pack in my pocket.

Lets smoke first and then i’ll brush my teeth. 

Went to the balcony to smoke, and noticed its about to rain hard, and i have my clothes tucked on the cloth line.

Took clothes off it and was going to put them in wardrobe, then i saw my Laptop and now i am writing this piece. 

Moral of the Story: A Guy’s life is hard.

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